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The Chungus Gamer SNIPES the GOTW belt from The Lit Lighthouse Legend

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

The Chungus gamer decided to challenge Triple L because he was running his mouth on some bullshit.

The Chungus Gamer ran his set in a game of short mirage on CS:GO AWPS only.

Midway through the game the Bizarro Gamer got in the cut and attempted to assist Triple L, but he was no match for The Chungus Gamer.

Chungus Gamer is now Gamer of The Week.


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Big Chungus is a gaming icon and visionary leader in the world of gaming. As the CEO of the Gamer World Order (gWo) pro gaming promotion, he has transformed the industry and inspired countless gamers around the world. Born and raised in the gaming world, Big Chungus was always drawn to the competitive spirit and the thrill of victory. He quickly became one of the most popular and successful gamers in the world, earning a reputation as a fierce competitor and a true innovator.

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